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We design and produce air compressors which are high efficiency, low pollution and more durable products. Various types of horizontal air compressor, including belt air compressors, direct air compressor, cabinet-type air compressor, screw air compressors and dryer compressors.,bigest boobs

Belt Air Compressor
    • There are three kinds of belt air compressors including single stage low pressure, two stage high pressure and two stage medium pressure.

  • In addition, Tien Cheng also offer hermetic and engine-type of belt air compressors. Suitable for a wide range of application such as domestic, industrial, manufacturing, transport and more.
Direct Air Compressor
  • We offer direct air compressor is  both fixed and regulated speeds which providing air compressors direct of air tank such as 6 liter, 25 liter and 50 liter type .
Cabinet-type Air Compressor
    • The cabinet-type air compressor series includes both single-stage low pressure and two-stage high pressure.

  • This series all are silent type and power range is 1HP~10HP.
Screw Air Compressor
  • Belt Driven Type and Direct Driven Type.
  • The screw air compressor series uses advanced sound-absorbing materials and shock-proof materials to reduce noise. It also has a safe and efficient air filtration system and cooling system, easy to operate with clearly vision.
  • This series provides power from 10HP ~ 300HP.
Air Dryer Compressors
    • A compressor air dryer is a machine that removes water and contaminants from previously compressed air systems including refrigerant and desiccant function.

  • The type both low pressure and high pressure air dryer compressors.
Air Tank